Monday, January 18, 2010

Beautiful Rose of Bella Rosa is Having a Birthday!!

Yay!! It's a surprise birthday party for Rose of Bella Rosa!!!

Isn't she gorgeous! But we could never hate her because she's beautiful, because she is even more beautiful inside. She has a tender heart, sweet, sweet spirit and a loving attitude.

So, our Beautiful Rose, please accept your bouquet of red roses and baby's breath. Oh, you're welcome. Think nothing of it - it's just money - easy come, easy go.

Dear Rose, see all your bloggy friends - we've been gathered at the

party table just waiting to wish you the best, most glorious Birthday, or as I like to do, made it a Birthday week. I like to make it last - you wouldn't mind Birthday greetings and gifts and attention and pampering a few more days, would you?

Okay bloggy buddies, it's time: "Happy Birthday to you - Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear Rose, Happy Birthday to you....And many more......."

Okay, let's have our cake and ice cream!!

Oooh, it's so good - but its giving me an ice cream head ache! Oh, well, I think a little more Birthday cake will help it. Rose, a third bowl of ice cream?! Well, whatever....

Well, this being your Birthday Week, we think you should enjoy it to the hilt and worry about the figure later (as if yours is a problem!) So, all week, have plenty of eating-out meals, cookies, buttery popcorn, and all the soda you want!! Course, it will make you tinkle alot!

Also be sure to eat lots of this:

Now this week, we give you permission to pamper yourself and not do any big chores around the house - we don't want you slaving as hard as this lady is:

I tend to think that to get the Birthday present you REALLY want, just go buy it yourself. So,
naturally, you'll want to do a little shopping:

And maybe some thrifting...Yay!

The important thing is that we want you to know how special you are to all of us. Its so very true. I read some of your comments and it is so obvious that your bloggy friends really love you. And why not, you're so very loveable!! Yes, you are.
And I personally, think the world of you - I just love you. I consider you a true blessing. I'm so grateful God had us "bump" into each other in this amazing cyber world that I think neither of us even knew about until this last year. Of course, it wasn't an accident - because always and always, since before Time began, our being Friends was part of His plan. Thank you, Lord.

Now, don't start crying, or we'll all be bawling our eyes out.

So, it's Time for you to know that You are absolutely Delightful!

Rose, I'm so glad you were born.... Happy Day of Birth!

Okay, gang, it's Time for us to all meet at Bella Rosa and leave our precious friend some Birthday Comments. Let's spread this Love around!!!!

Rose, be careful out there when you are shopping and dining out - It's cold and windy! Be sure to wear your fur hat and your fur muff so your hands stay warm. And I'm sure you look stunnng in Red!!

Okay, Friends, don't forget to come see me sometime. Ya'll come.

Cynthia K.