Monday, January 18, 2010

Beautiful Rose of Bella Rosa is Having a Birthday!!

Yay!! It's a surprise birthday party for Rose of Bella Rosa!!!

Isn't she gorgeous! But we could never hate her because she's beautiful, because she is even more beautiful inside. She has a tender heart, sweet, sweet spirit and a loving attitude.

So, our Beautiful Rose, please accept your bouquet of red roses and baby's breath. Oh, you're welcome. Think nothing of it - it's just money - easy come, easy go.

Dear Rose, see all your bloggy friends - we've been gathered at the

party table just waiting to wish you the best, most glorious Birthday, or as I like to do, made it a Birthday week. I like to make it last - you wouldn't mind Birthday greetings and gifts and attention and pampering a few more days, would you?

Okay bloggy buddies, it's time: "Happy Birthday to you - Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear Rose, Happy Birthday to you....And many more......."

Okay, let's have our cake and ice cream!!

Oooh, it's so good - but its giving me an ice cream head ache! Oh, well, I think a little more Birthday cake will help it. Rose, a third bowl of ice cream?! Well, whatever....

Well, this being your Birthday Week, we think you should enjoy it to the hilt and worry about the figure later (as if yours is a problem!) So, all week, have plenty of eating-out meals, cookies, buttery popcorn, and all the soda you want!! Course, it will make you tinkle alot!

Also be sure to eat lots of this:

Now this week, we give you permission to pamper yourself and not do any big chores around the house - we don't want you slaving as hard as this lady is:

I tend to think that to get the Birthday present you REALLY want, just go buy it yourself. So,
naturally, you'll want to do a little shopping:

And maybe some thrifting...Yay!

The important thing is that we want you to know how special you are to all of us. Its so very true. I read some of your comments and it is so obvious that your bloggy friends really love you. And why not, you're so very loveable!! Yes, you are.
And I personally, think the world of you - I just love you. I consider you a true blessing. I'm so grateful God had us "bump" into each other in this amazing cyber world that I think neither of us even knew about until this last year. Of course, it wasn't an accident - because always and always, since before Time began, our being Friends was part of His plan. Thank you, Lord.

Now, don't start crying, or we'll all be bawling our eyes out.

So, it's Time for you to know that You are absolutely Delightful!

Rose, I'm so glad you were born.... Happy Day of Birth!

Okay, gang, it's Time for us to all meet at Bella Rosa and leave our precious friend some Birthday Comments. Let's spread this Love around!!!!

Rose, be careful out there when you are shopping and dining out - It's cold and windy! Be sure to wear your fur hat and your fur muff so your hands stay warm. And I'm sure you look stunnng in Red!!

Okay, Friends, don't forget to come see me sometime. Ya'll come.

Cynthia K.


  1. What a lovely lovely post, you are so kind Cynthia darling for displaying such beauty for your friend. Happy Birthday Rose.


  2. Cynthia amor....that was the most wonderful, sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me! I was actually feeling sorry for myself with my mr wonderful soo far away from me this week, he always celebrates my birthday for a week too :) I tried visiting blogs and emailing people today but because of the rain here....I couldn't really get anyones blog to load :( You have made me cry such happy tears...I thank you Cynthia from my heart...I was so blessed the day that Dawn gave my the best gift ever of my own blog because I have met so many wonderful friends like you...amor, your heart is so loving and giving...even in your saddness you always remember me and others in our pain and in happiness you are in my heart and I know so many others! I Thank God for the blessing of your friendship...know that I am thinking of you and beautiful friendship which I believe you are was his plan long before either of us knew of it :) Thank you amor, thank you for coming into my life and enriching it with your beauty & graceful heart! Much love & hugs to you amor! Besos, Rose

    ps...I think this is the best party anyone has ever given me!!! And how well you know me...3 bowls of ice cream huh lol someone has been sharing my secrets :)

  3. Happy Birthday Rose! Hope this is your best year ever!!
    What a very lovely post :)

  4. Hi Cynthia! What a very sweet thing to do for Rose on her birthday, you are truly a great friend!!
    Happy Birthday to Rose hope she had a fabulous day..
    Cynthia thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    Blessing to both you lovely ladies! ~Mary~ :-}

  5. Happy Birthday Beautiful Rose!! I hope that your special day is filled with light and happiness!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Rose and how fortunate she is to have a lovely friend like you. I was wondering could I wear the red coat for my birthday? Fun post.

  7. Cynthia
    I just met Rose on the blog recently and she is a wonderful lady! Happy birthday wishes for Rose. You are such a sweet and loving lady Cynthia and we are all so very blessed to know you. Have a terrific week

    lots of hugs

  8. What an adorable post....Happy Birthday to Rose !!!!...I loved my visit and I enjoyed the party...
    You are so sweet to have a party for Rose!!!!!
    Mo ;-)

  9. Happy Birthday Rose! If your b.d. is the 18th, this is my wonderful husband's b.d. also. I am so sorry that your best friend/hubby had to be away from you on this very special day.

  10. What a beautiful birthday tribute to Rose..--Love the story and all the pictures you put with it. She can't help but be thrilled with it and A happy Birthday to ROSE

  11. Dear Cynthia, thanks for stopping by my little corner. I constantly wondered over these months what happened with you as you hadn't been posting. Sorry to hear that you have had such a hard time but things will certainly continue to get better with time. You know that all your friends out here will offer you much encouragement on those days when you are blue. A wonderful birthday post to Rose. I must drop her way to send birthday wishes. So many people I haven't met yet. Wishing you a blessed and wonderful day. Take care! :) Tammy

  12. Oh ROSE...I am so sorry I missed your party has been a bit looney at my house these past few days.
    A WELL DESERVED honor for your Birthday by your dear friend... and a friend to all really ...our sweet Cynthia.
    HOPE IS WAS SPECIAL EVEN THO YOUR DH had to away for it.
    Rose ( VictorianRose)

  13. Cynthia, thank you so much for the sweet comments about my Mom. Very touching. I hope all is well with you. I can't believe you lost your husband and your brother at the same time! Was it around the same time that you lost your mother? Good heavens, what you had to go through! I can't imagine. How are you doing without your hubby? That is just heartbreaking. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I'll keep checking out your blog!


  14. G'morn Cynthia ~ Of course, we are going to go wish Rose love & joy. hat a darling write for her.

    TY for your sweet notes, I am doing much better daily now.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  15. What a sweet post and what a sweet friend you are...thanks so much for the sweetness you left for me, too! (I added you to my sidebar of *inspirational* blogs...darling images you've posted, too!
    Have a great day!

  16. Hi Cynthia sweetie...
    This is just the most precious gift that Rose could have received for her birthday. It was so lovely of you to share your celebration with us. She is so beautiful. Yes, I too believe everything and everyone is in God's plan. He puts us together at the right time with the right friends, partners, even the perfect parents for us to begin our earthly journeys.

    Thank you for stopping by to say hi. I love to have company. I have been trying to get caught up on my blogging. I had bronchitis for almost 2 weeks and it has really taken it out of me. I am just now getting back up and atem. Thank you for sharing tonight. I will pop over and wish Rose a Happy Birthday. Have a beautiful Friday sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  17. Oh how sweet is this Birthday greeting Cynthia! You are a doll for posting this.

    Happy Birthday to Rose!

    Many blessings to you. ~Melissa :)

  18. What a sweet thing to do for your friend! I enjoyed attending this party and am off to wish the birthday girl a very Happy Birthday!



  19. Well, I don't know who she is - but I am going to go over and check her out. Thanks. You are a good friend to her. Sandie

  20. You are so right, Rose is one of the sweetest people out there. As are you! :-)


    p.s. My husband wants to know when you're coming to pick Winnie up. ;-)

  21. Cynthia your such a sweetheart. This is such a lovely thing to do for a friend. Rose is a doll and I will have to visit her site and wish her a special day.
    Thanks for sharing this

  22. Hi Cynthia. Well, I'm terribly late. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday Rose!

    Cynthia you are such a dear, dear sweetheart. I just wanted to stop in and see how you're doing. You're in my heart and prayers.

    Love, Tracy :)

  23. Cynthia,
    What a very special birthday blessing for Rosa. Thanks for all the kind comments on my blog. Feel free to use any image you would like.
    Blessings to you!

  24. This was such a sweet post..Happy Birthday to Rose!!!! I love all the pretty vintage images you used..
    Hope all is well.

  25. Thanks for entering the napkin ring giveaway....your name wasn't chosen but check my blog for a special offer.

    Karin :)

  26. This is the sweetest post EVER!!! Cynthia you are just an angel for doing this for our Rose!!! My little birthday post is so lame compared to this beauty! I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  27. okay, i'm sooo late to the party, but i brought confetti and thick, hot chocolate with a side of chili pepper to go in it! woohoo. happy b-day to Rose....

    and thanks, cynthia for stopping by and following my blog!! yay-yay-yay.

  28. Hey Cynthia,
    That is the sweetest Birthday Post, for a very sweet lady! I'll have to go over to Roses and wish her a belated Birthday wish.

    By the way, your blog is so pretty! It's so nice to meet you. Thank you so much for visiting me, and taking the nature trail with us... I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend! I'll back to see you again soon...
    Big Hugs,

  29. Hi Sweetie. I'm just checking in on you and want to tell you I'm thinking of you. I love you and I'm here anytime you need me.

    May the Lord bless you and be with you always.
    Warmest Hugs...Tracy :)

    Miss you! oooxxx's

  30. Hi neighbor,
    I am a Rose lover too. I missed your birthday party for her tho. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving such a sweet comment. I love all of the sweet images on your blog. I collect old cards, stationary & wrapping paper from the 40/50's. I just can't get enough of that sort of thing. I'll be back soon.
    I'm in Texas too Cynthia, Grapevine area. Lisa

  31. Cynthia, what a beautiful birthday tribute to your friend!

    Thank you for coming by my blog today and signing up for my giveaway and for becoming a follower too! I'm delighted to welcome you! Please come back and visit again! I love company!


  32. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Both Dusty and I are fine. What a sweet tribute to your friend. Happy Birthday, Rose!

  33. Hi Cynthia,
    What a lovely post and such a beautiful gesture for Rose. You have some very pretty valentines on your sidebar. I have some of the same. Have a lovely evening.


  34. thank you for stopping by my blog (following me). i love the sweet valentine's you have displayed on your sidebar.

  35. What a lovely post. I just love all the pics and the heartfelt mssg! How nice! :)
    Just stopped by to say hello as well...

  36. Nice tribute to your friend and thank you for leaving a nice comment on my blog!
    Have a good weekend,

  37. Darling, wishing you a lovely weekend and a love filled Valentine’s Day.

    Love & Hugs

  38. Saw you were from Texas...I had to stop in and give you a BIG TX Hello! I'm Meme from Screaming Meme...It is so nice to meet you...If you get a chance stop in and see me over @ Screaming Meme...